Monday, December 05, 2005


This is the home for a new community of youth ministry bloggers. It is not intended as a criticism of any other blogring but rather as what I saw as a need.

Quite simply this is designed to be an open community with only two simple guidelines for membership. The blogs on this ring are either written by youth ministers or are about youth ministry. Inevitably this means that some of these blogs will be of a more personal type while others will be of a more "hands on/technique" type. That's fine because I believe we need both. I do reserve the right to block entry or to delete blogs that are not written in a manner consistent with a grace filled loving world view. Decision of the ring owner is almost final (I allow that I may be overruled at the Judgement Seat)

For the moment this is a one man project. And since I'm a full time youth minister in the Episcopal church it may mean that I'll be slow getting things changed, updated or modified. I hope that you'll extend me a little grace at first, then lovingly nag me if I drop the ball.

We're bare bones to start but then the ring is about the indvidual blogs, NOT about the ring itself.